Water Colour at Westport

Safe, smart, sustainable.

A New Model for Community

The way we shape our built environment profoundly impacts the way we live and interact with one another. westport Landing is mindfully designed to bring people together rather than divide, to encourage a healthy rather than sedentary lifestyle, and to set a new standard for economic growth and ecological stewardship.

“There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives.”

Winston Churchill, addressing the English Architectural Association, 1924

A Compelling Vision of a Complete Community

The vision for Westport Landing – is no small undertaking. The master plan for Carlton Landing includes a series of neighbourhoods with more than 600 homes, a town centre complete with shops and restaurants, a destination wedding chapel, and an assortment of gardens, parks,  farms, and amenities to serve guests and residents.

Carlton Landing is about life with more purpose, more enjoyment and more moments worthy of holding close to our heart. It’s about living intentionally, discovering a new sense of community, and experiencing joy in all we do.

Where Community is Genuine

Westport Landing’s founders, Diana and Stephen Rolston, wanted to set a new standard for sustainable development by helping a town that is financially viable, ecologically sensitive, and socially constructive. In 2019, they hired Andrew Mratschenko of Parataxis Land Developement. Their request to Andrew was simple: create a place that would enchant people, foster a strong sense of community, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Westport Landing’s walkable master plan, designed according to the tenets of New Urbanism, was his enlightened response.


Sometimes it’s easy to think about the here-and-now without wondering about the impact on the future. Ecological stewardship and sustainability are central to our building process, and every decision keeps both the present and future in mind. From using green building practices in the creation of energy efficient homes to protecting miles of natural shoreline, from featuring the best collection of “Light Imprint New Urbanism” storm water management systems to creating the ultimate in walkable sustainable infrastructure, Westport Landing is setting a new standard for sustainable community building that reduces our carbon footprints and keep the natural world healthy and beautiful.

Everything from lake houses to farm houses to beach cottages, singles, semis towns apartments and condos.