Watercolour at Westport

Safe Walkable Connected

A New Model for Community

The way we shape our neighbourhoods: the streets, amenities, public spaces, parks, and balance homes, businesses and services profoundly impacts the way we live work, relax and interact with one another. Watercolour at Westport is purposefully designed to bring people together, to encourage a healthy lifestyle and set a new standard for economic growth and environmental stewardship.

“There is no doubt whatever about the influence of architecture and structure upon human character and action. We make our buildings and afterwards they make us. They regulate the course of our lives.”

Winston Churchill

Address to English Architectural Association, 1924

Location of Watercolour at Westport

Compelling Vision

The vision for Watercolour at Westport is inspiring. By integrating parks with walking trails, fitness stations and gardens Watercolour at Westport will be a safe neighbourhood you will enjoy interacting with. Boutiques, businesses and restaurants in Westport are all within a pleasant one kilometer walk.   Our neighbourhood will include homes of varying sizes and types, catering to all different ages and stages of life

Watercolour at Westport is about feeling a renewed mind, a restored soul, truly relaxed, full of vitality and direction, peace and joy. It’s about living intentionally, discovering a new sense of awe and wonder in creation, and gaining clarity in a community that balances nature and neighborhood.

Genuine Community

Watercolour at Westport’s founder, Stephen Rolston of Land Ark Developments, wants to invest in Westport, a super natural town that is economically viable, environmentally sensitive, and extraordinarily creative.

The longing we share is simple: to belong and be a part of creating a safe, walkable and connected neighbourhood that will enchant people, foster a strong sense of community, and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Watercolour has been developed around the walkable pedestrian-friendly tenets of Traditional Neighbourhood Design (TND) made famous by Andrés Duany and his architectural firm DPZ and the association he helped found, Congress for the New Urbanism (CNU) and the book he wrote The Smart Growth Manual.

Sustainable Living

It’s easy to think about today without considering the impact on tomorrow. Environmental stewardship and sustainability are central to our building process and every decision keeps both the present and future in mind.

Watercolour at Westport will implement green building practices in the creation of energy efficient homes built with the latest technology and feature the best collection of “Light Imprint New Urbanism” storm water management systems.

Our community will be safe and walkable so many families can thrive with one car making a positive contribution to the environment. Traditional Neighbourhood Design promotes more walking and less driving. Cars are essential but with all daily needs within a one kilometer walkable radius, people come first and a second car becomes optional, not a necessity.

We embrace the small town, century old charm of Westport. It’s rural cottages and lakeside living inspire the balance between nature and neighbourhood.

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